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Test Success

Efficient Study Strategies and Test Preparation Tips

The Advising and Academic Support Center offers a test success workshop, where students will learn about strategies for test preparation, test-taking tips, and how to approach specific types of test questions. Students will walk away with a step-by-step study plan for upcoming tests.

Access AASC’s Test Success Workshop:

Test Success Workshop Summary

Getting Prepared For Tests
  • Attend class daily
  • Keep up with reading/assignments
  • Take good notes
  • Review daily
Find out what’s on the test.
  • Ask professors/Teaching Assistants or consult your syllabi
    • What types of questions?
    • How many questions?
    • How is the test graded? Are there weighted sections/questions?
      • Use this information to inform your study plan
Important Study Skills
  • View our list of top study skills
General Test Guidelines
  • Review past tests
  • Allocate time wisely
  • Answer easy questions first
  • Write down memory prompts
    • Use margins/back of test to write down formulas, definitions, etc.
Strategies for Specific Questions
  • Multiple Choice
    • Cover up choices and answer questions mentally and eliminate wrong answers
    • Pay attention to conditional vs. unconditional words
      • never, always, ever vs. usually, sometimes, generally
  • True/False
    • Don’t look for patterns, look for exceptions
  • Short Answer and Essay
    • Try to anticipate
    • Turn question/prompt into a main idea
    • Circle guide words
Blackboard/Online Tests
  • Study electronically
  • Know the rules
  • Work out the logistics, including where you’ll take the test and having a reliable internet connection
Test Preparation
  • How to set up a peer study group
  • 7-Day Study Guide

Student Testimonials

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"Would recommend her to any of my friends"

"Ms. Rice was very helpful and answered all of the questions I went into the appointment ready to ask. She even answered questions I did not even know I had. She helped me feel less anxious about where I currently am at in my education as well as offered a class that I did not know BSU offered, but that I am now extremely interested in. She was very friendly and would recommend her to any of my friends needing academic advisement."

Toree Denmark