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Mobile Study Tools

Use Your Smartphone For Good.

Use your smartphone for good, not evil! The Advising and Academic Support Center offers a mobile study tools workshop where students learn about apps to manage time, tasks, note cards, documents, and so much more.


Mobile Study Tools Workshop Summary

Tools For Organization/Storage
  • Google Drive – FREE up to 15GB
    • Synced with Bronco Mail
    • Use Google Doc, Google Sheets, etc.
    • Easily share work with classmates
  • Dropbox – FREE up to 16GB
    • Easy to access, share, and upload documents and media
  • Wunderlist – FREE (Pro version available for purchase)
    • Web and app to generate lists and set reminders
    • Shareable with others
  • Evernote – FREE and cost levels
    • Virtual notebook – file sharing and organizing system
    • Sync with other devices
    • Take notes, make lists, annotate, highlight, etc.
Tools For Studying
  • iStudiez Lite – FREE (Pro version available for purchase)
    • Track schedule, homework, and grades
  • Quizlet – FREE
    • Create mock tests, matching games, written questions, etc.
  • – FREE online (app costs $2.99)
    • Create vocabulary lists and practice tests
Tools For Productivity
  • Forest – App costs $1.99
    • Helps you put down your phone and focus
    • Grow a tree/forest as the app runs without interruption
    • Trees die if you close the app and use your phone
  • StayFocusd – FREE Chrome Extension
    • Set time limits for distracting sites to help you restructure social media use
  • Cold Turkey – FREE and cost levels
    • All major browsers supported
    • Block specific pages
    • Schedule blocking and breaks
  • Momentum – FREE and cost levels
    • New Tab page gives you a moment of calm and inspires you to be more productive
    • Set a daily focus, track your to dos, and get inspired with a daily photo and quote

Student Testimonials

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"Would recommend her to any of my friends"

"Ms. Rice was very helpful and answered all of the questions I went into the appointment ready to ask. She even answered questions I did not even know I had. She helped me feel less anxious about where I currently am at in my education as well as offered a class that I did not know BSU offered, but that I am now extremely interested in. She was very friendly and would recommend her to any of my friends needing academic advisement."

Toree Denmark