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Prepare for Orientation

A group of students march behind a Boise State golf cart.

Get Ready For New Student Orientation

Welcome to Boise State University!
Academic advising is an important part of your orientation process. Advisors will be available to you at all New Student Orientation programs. You do not need to schedule an advising appointment in advance, but your orientation advising experience will go even better if you prepare for it. Here’s how:

Information for Transfer Students:


Contact the Advising and Academic Support Center
Call: (208) 426-4049
Location: SMASH building, first floor

Student Testimonials

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"Would recommend her to any of my friends"

"Ms. Rice was very helpful and answered all of the questions I went into the appointment ready to ask. She even answered questions I did not even know I had. She helped me feel less anxious about where I currently am at in my education as well as offered a class that I did not know BSU offered, but that I am now extremely interested in. She was very friendly and would recommend her to any of my friends needing academic advisement."

Toree Denmark