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Finish in Four Participating Programs

Below is a list of all the programs at Boise State University that participate in the Finish in Four Program.

College of Arts and Sciences Participating Programs

  • Anthropology BS
  • Biology BS – All emphases except Secondary Education
  • Chemistry BS – All emphases
  • Communication BA
  • Creative Writing BA
  • Creative Writing BFA
  • English BA – All emphases
  • Ethnic Studies BS
  • Film and Television Arts – BA and BFA
  • French BA – excluding Secondary Education
  • Geosciences BS – All emphases
  • German BA – excluding Secondary Education
  • History BA – excluding Secondary Education
  • History of Art & Visual Culture BA
  • Mathematics BS – all emphases
  • Media Arts BA – All emphases
  • Music BA – excluding Music Education
  • Music Composition BM
  • Music Performance BM
  • Narrative Arts BFA
  • Philosophy BA
  • Physics BS – all emphases
  • Psychology BS
  • Social Science BS
  • Sociology BS – excluding Secondary Education
  • Spanish BA – excluding Secondary Education
  • Theatre Arts BA – excluding Secondary Education

College of Business and Economics Participating Programs

  • Accountancy BBA
  • Business and Economics Analytics BS
  • Economics BA– excluding Secondary Education
  • Entrepreneurship Management BBA
  • Finance BBA
  • General Business BBA
  • Human Resource Management BBA
  • Information Technology Management BBA
  • International Business
  • Marketing BBA
  • Supply Change Management BBA

College of Education Participating Programs

  • Early and Special Education BA
  • Elementary Education BA
  • Elementary Education TESOL/ENL BA

College of Engineering Participating Programs

  • Civil Engineering BS – excluding Secondary Education
  • Computer Science BS – excluding Secondary Education
  • Construction Management BS
  • Electrical Engineering BS – excluding IDoTeach Secondary Education
  • Materials Science & Engineering BS – excluding Secondary Education
  • Mechanical Engineering BS – excluding Secondary Education

College of Health Sciences Participating Programs

  • Health Science Studies BS – General and Science Emphases
  • Public Health – Health Education and Promotion Emphasis
  • Social Work BA

School of Public Service Participating Programs

  • Criminal Justice BS
  • Environmental Studies BA
  • Political Science BS


Contact the Advising and Academic Support Center
Call: (208) 426-4049
Location: SMASH building, first floor

Student Testimonials

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"Would recommend her to any of my friends"

"Ms. Rice was very helpful and answered all of the questions I went into the appointment ready to ask. She even answered questions I did not even know I had. She helped me feel less anxious about where I currently am at in my education as well as offered a class that I did not know BSU offered, but that I am now extremely interested in. She was very friendly and would recommend her to any of my friends needing academic advisement."

Toree Denmark