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Degree in 3

Complete a Degree in Three Years!

A Boise State graduate poses for a photo with his family.

Degree in 3 gives academically prepared and motivated students the opportunity to complete a degree in three years.  Students pursuing a three year degree can achieve goals faster, whether the next step is graduate school or a successful career.

Student Benefits

  • Begin graduate level study earlier
  • Begin earning a full-time salary earlier
  • Early registration

Interested in participating?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a participating major for Degree in Three.
  2. Meet with an academic advisor in your major prior to enrolling in your first classes (prior to attending New Student Orientation is ideal).
    Complete the participation form with your academic advisor.
  3. Use your DegreeTracker to create your specific academic plan.
  4. Submit the signed form along with a printout of your plan to:
    Advising and Academic Support Center
    1910 University Drive
    Simplot Micron Advising and Success Hub Building
    Boise, Idaho 83725-1150
    Or email to

Before beginning the Degree in Three process, please consider the following:

  • You’ll be required to complete course work during the summer semesters.
  • You’ll need to maintain contact with the Financial Aid office to ensure financial aid eligibility for summer semesters.
  • You’ll need to maintain regular contact with your academic advisor.
  • You’ll need to pass all courses with required grades and maintain a minimum GPA of  2.00 each semester, including summer.
  • You’ll need to have a willingness and ability to take 15- 18 credits during the fall and spring semesters and 6-10 credits during each summer semester.
  • You’ll need to be confident in your academic major.  Students in this program won’t be able to explore educational alternatives.
  • You’ll need to understand that your ability to participate in co-curricular activities, student organizations and study abroad may be affected.

Degree in 3 Participating Majors

Due to the rigor of a three-year degree program, not all majors are eligible.
The list below is the list of participating majors.  Click on each major to view the suggested three-year plan.

Biology (no emphasis) – plan in progress.
Communication (no emphasis)
English Literature
General Business
Health Science Studies (general emphasis)

Degree in 3 Frequently Asked Questions

When must a student sign up for Degree in Three?

Students sign up for the program as an entering new first-time student. The official deadline is the last day of classroom instruction of the student’s first semester. It is recommended that students sign up for Degree in Three before they enroll in their first semester courses.

Where can students sign up for the Degree in Three?

Students should begin the process during New Student Orientation or by meeting with an advisor the first semester of enrollment to determine eligibility and sign the appropriate paperwork.

Who will advise Degree in Three students?

Degree in Three students will be advised by an academic advisor in the academic department of their major.

How many credits should Degree in Three students enroll in for each semester?

To graduate within the contracted time, Degree in Three students need to enroll in 15-18 credits for fall and spring semesters and 6-12 credits in summer (depending on the course plan created with the academic advisor).

Are transfer students eligible for this program?

Not at this time. Because the program is currently designed for students to graduate in three years (9 semesters) from the start of their first semester in college, in general, transfer students are not eligible. However, if a student has earned college credit prior to high school graduation and is a first-time college student, she/he is eligible for Degree in Three.

Can a student participate in any major for the Degree in Three program?

Majors included in the Degree in Three program are listed on Participating Programs. Some majors have admission processes, in addition to admission to the university.  Admission to the Degree in Three program does not guarantee admission to the academic program.

Can a student complete a minor (along with the major) in this program?

Yes. If the credits required for the minor fit within the elective credits of the major, a student can complete both the major and minor in the plan.

Can a student complete a double major in this program?

No. Due to curriculum structure and program requirements, students wishing to earn a double major or dual degree are not eligible for Degree in Three.

What if a Degree in Three student needs to take developmental courses or prerequisite courses prior to beginning their four-year plan?

Developmental courses such as Math 25 do not count toward graduation credit; therefore, they do not count toward the credit requirements for the Degree in Three Program. In addition, some majors, for example Biology, require that students be ready to take Calculus. If you need to take prerequisite or developmental courses, you may not be eligible for Degree in Three.

What happens if a Degree in Three student elects to participate in an exchange program/study abroad?

Due to the rigor and credit expectations of Degree in Three, the ability to participate in exchange programs/study abroad may be impacted.

What about summer classes?

Degree in Three students are required to enroll in 6-12 summer courses.  If a student fails to enroll in the planned summer courses, he/she will be removed from the Degree in Three program.

What if a Degree in Three student takes summer courses at another institution?

Summer transfer credits may count toward academic progress provided the student takes courses accepted by Boise State University in general education, elective credit requirements, or the student’s major. Students must complete 30 of their last 36 credits at Boise State. Students are responsible to discuss their plans with their advisor as early as possible to determine how anticipated transfer credits will fit into their degree plan. Transfer coursework must be reported to Boise State in a timely fashion.

What if a Degree in Three student needs to modify their three year plan?

As long as the student can still complete their degree in their original three years, limited modifications are allowed. If excessive modifications are needed, students will be removed from the program.

Can Degree in Three students change their major?

Due to the rigor and credit requirements, students must be confident in their major. Because of this, if a student changes his/her major, they may be removed from the program.

What happens if a student does not fulfill the Degree in Three requirements?

A student who does not fulfill the requirements of the Degree in Three Program experiences no penalty. Any student participating in the program for any length of time will benefit and should continue contact with an academic advisor.

Can a student voluntarily withdraw from the program?

Yes. Students need to contact the Degree in Three Coordinator, in writing, to withdraw from the program. Students should continue to have contact with academic advisors. There are no penalties.

What does a Degree in Three student do if she/he cannot get a required course that will result in a delayed graduation?

If you meet all the conditions of the Degree in Three Graduation Plan but are unable to graduate with your undergraduate degree due to the unavailability of a course, your department and college will work with you to develop reasonable and appropriate alternatives. If there are no academically acceptable alternatives, The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies will review the alternatives and determine if Boise State University will pay the tuition for you to take the course(s) required for you to complete your degree program within the next year.


Contact the Advising and Academic Support Center
Call: (208) 426-4049
Location: SMASH building, first floor

Student Testimonials

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"Would recommend her to any of my friends"

"Ms. Rice was very helpful and answered all of the questions I went into the appointment ready to ask. She even answered questions I did not even know I had. She helped me feel less anxious about where I currently am at in my education as well as offered a class that I did not know BSU offered, but that I am now extremely interested in. She was very friendly and would recommend her to any of my friends needing academic advisement."

Toree Denmark