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Student Blog: Destination Graduation

Three Under the Radar Eats in Boise

Jane from the AASC shares three of her fave Boise restaurants.

Welcome new (and old) Broncos! For Boise first-timers and those who want something a little different than what’s around campus, this is for you!
(Many of you might be from a state with an In-N-Out, so I completely understand your pain of living somewhere without one.)

If you’re not able to make the 5-6 hour drive to Salt Lake City, Utah every weekend, I have some great suggestions for great food that can only be found here in Boise!
(Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with driving 5-6 hours to eat In-N-Out because I have definitely done that twice.)

Tango’s Subs and Empanadas is the epitome of under the radar eats in Boise. It’s the only one and has been so wildly popular that the owner opened up a second location in Nampa! The subs are amazing and the empanadas are to die for; make sure you eat slowly or you’ll burn tongue on the fresh cooked inside goodness. The best part might just be that they have both savory and sweet, perfect for dinner and dessert!

Sub sandwich and potato chips in basket

Pho 79 is great if you’re craving some pho with perfectly savory broth. Whether or not it’s hot or cold outside, this is THE FOOD for a pick-me-up! I have made it my personal mission to spread the good word of this delicious food to as many people as possible. I do recommend that, whatever you eat for your meal, that you never miss an opportunity to get the Chả giò appetizer!

Bowl of pho

Janjou Pâtisserie has the best quiche in the universe, hands down. I used to make it myself but I cannot replicate the perfect flakiness of their crust and the light fluffiness of the eggs. So I just come here instead and enjoy a little slice of quiche-heaven with their hot chocolate or authentic cappuccino. It’s great for brunch and you can always snag a dessert pastry as a snack for afterwards too!

Happy eating!

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